Title Services for New Construction and Existing Properties 

Pro-Trait Title Services, LLC is pleased to present the following Portfolio:

Title Searches for Commercial Properties, Residential Dwellings, Co-ops and Condominiums;

Tax, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Municipal Searches and Clearances;

High Liability and Hazardous Risk Assessment; Land Surveys and Survey Readings; Appraisals and Inspection; Filing Department of Building Work Permits; Clearing Violations at County, City, State and Federal Levels; Verification of Contractor Insurance and Licenses, Instruments filed by Engineers and Architects; Recordation of Deeds, Mortgages, Satisfaction of Mortgages and Power-of-Attorney Documents; Documentation and Satisfaction of Lis Pendens, Mechanics Liens and Court Judgments; Certificates of Good Standing and Certificates of Incorporation, LLC Articles of Organization; Emergency Repair Lien Satisfaction; Department of Health Clearances and Pest Control Lien Satisfaction; Clearance of Environmental Control Board Unit Violations; Securing Certificates of Occupancy and Inspection Reports; Attaining Sidewalk Permits and Removing Citations; Clearance of Parking Violations; Zoning Reports and Determination of Landmark Status; Lead Paint Searches and DEP Air Resources Violation Reports; Water Department Searches and Payment Records; Fire Department Violation Clearances; Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Financing Statements; Contract of Sale and New Deed Preparation According to State-Specific Standards.

Additional Services
Escrow Services
Clearance of all Bank-regulated Requirements
Satisfaction of Mortgages and Tax Document Preparation
Payment of Property, Transfer and School Taxes
Issuance of Title Insurance Policies for Owners and Lenders

Pro-Trait Title Services, LLC can obtain expert legal opinionl for all clearance and contractual issues.  Either attorneys or notary publics supervise or attend all real estate closings. 


Our team is here to answer any questions you may have regarding these and any other specialized needs you may have.


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